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The timetable is the basis! Creative workshops for children

С 21/09
How not to get lost in the maze of lessons and extracurricular activities? The lesson plan will help you master the school chaos, thanks to the magnets you can attach to the fridge. Workshops that will take place on September 21 will be an opportunity to do the work themselves. Free admission!

Are there children without a timetable in the classroom? Even if every student has the necessary plan, another one, placed in a place visible to the household members, will help you plan the week and will not let you forget about the most important activities. On September 21, creative workshops will take place at our Center, with lesson plans with magnets.

Lesson plans will be used to create the works, which will be decorated with markers, crayons, glitter and ribbons. On the back of the plans, the kids will stick magnetic tape that will attach the work to the fridge and other metal surfaces. The unique, magnetic lesson plan will be the perfect addition to any school set!

Creative workshops will take place on September 21st . Classes will be conducted from 11.00 to 16.00, and participation in the event is free.

We invite you to come!