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Find a gift for loved ones at the Christmas market!

С 20/12 По 22/12
Many ideas for Christmas gifts for loved ones, hand-made Christmas decorations, beautiful tablecloths and treats for family gatherings will be available from December 20th -22nd at the Christmas market.

Christmas is getting closer. It's time to complete Christmas presents and decorations for Christmas trees and tables. Everyone who is looking for original gift ideas for the closest, colourful decorations and delicacies are invited to visit the Christmas market.

At the shopping stands that will appear in the mall's arcade on December 20th, for three days you will be able to find a variety of products that will be perfect as a Christmas gift. Jewellery, books and toys will appear on the piles. Something for themselves will also find those looking for original decorations for the Christmas tree or tablecloths for the festive table. There will also be delicacies at the fair - the assortment will include honey, goat cheese and regional delicacies.

Shopping stands will be available during the shopping centre’s business hours.

We invite you to come!