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Join the young scientists club! - after-school activities fairs

С 27/09
English, Maths or robotics? Everyone will find something for themselves at the upcoming after-school activities fair. Parents with children visiting our Centre on September 27th  will take part in educational activities and games that will bring closer the offer of nearby institutions and schools. Free entrance.

Not all school subjects allow the development of children's passion and abilities. The organization of free time is extremely important so as to utilize the energy reserves of small explorers. Activities and extracurricular activities will allow the development of interests, and for them will be an opportunity for children to have fun and meet their peers. Everyone undecided what activities to choose, we invite you to the after-school activities fair.

At the upcoming event, institutions and centers organizing educational activities for children aged 3 to 14 will present their offer. Parents and children will have the opportunity to meet and talk to representatives of, among others:  Profi Lingua language school, Fabryka Naukowców facility, which offers robotics classes, and the Math Riders school, which specializes in Helen Doron mathematics lessons. Children will take part in demonstration classes and animations that will allow them to quickly and conveniently learn about the offer and choose activities to suit kids' interests.

An activity fair for children combined with creative activities will take place on September 27th . Classes will be conducted from 15:30 to 18.30. Participation in the event is free.

We invite you to come!