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С 22/02
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On February 22nd it will be possible to make a real Italian pizza and take part in workshops!

We invite children to participate in the new series entitled "Akademia Małych Odkrywców". It will start with a workshop on Italian cuisine and culture, which will take place on February 22nd. During the several-hour meeting, small participants and their parents will be able to take part in various thematic workshops.

Fans of Italian cuisine will learn the recipe for an excellent pizza, will be able to make the dough by themselves, and then add their favorite ingredients - cheese, tomato sauce or vegetables. During culinary workshops, they will learn the properties of individual ingredients and learn how to combine them to achieve a stunning effect. The prepared and baked dish can be eaten on site.

Small participants of the Saturday meeting will also be able to take part in creative workshops during which unique jewelry will be created. Pendants, necklaces, bracelets and even earrings will be made of materials available on the spot - wood, metal, amber, velour, vinyl or string. The Saturday meeting program will be complemented by art workshops during which little artists will perform works inspired by culture, monuments and symbols related to Italy.

The first class of the "Akademia Małych Odkrywców". " will be held on February 22nd between 15:00 and 17:30 in the shopping mall arcade. Participation in the class is free.

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