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On the occasion of Women's Day, we encourage ladies to relax, not to be afraid to dream and, above all, take care of themselves! On Saturday, March 7th, you'll be able to use, among others numerous expert advice, create a dream map and take part in a coach workshop. Free entrance!

There are as many ideas for celebrating Women's Day as there are women in the world. The most important, however, is that the ladies of the day be happy and feel extremely beautiful. During the event, which will take place on March 7, ladies will learn how to take care of their health and beauty.

On this day you will be able to get numerous free advice on e.g. diet and health. In turn, tips on how to achieve your goals and unleash your potential, give a certified coach, or personal development trainer.

During the workshop with a psychologist you will be able to learn what dream maps are and how to create them. It's a simple way to learn an effective method to make your dreams come true. Volunteers will be able to prepare their map on site.

A visit to our shopping mall will also be an opportunity to take advantage of free cosmetic treatments and visage services.
The attractions on the occasion of Women's Day will be held on March 7th  from 14:00 to 18:30. Participation in the class is free.

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