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What are good gives us strength! Discover GOOD FOR program at SEPHORA.

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The world of beauty is constantly changing.

At Sephora, we want these changes to be about more responsible beauty and environmental sustainability.

From October, sephora.pl and Sephora perfumeries will feature special labels for eco-friendly products, and in perfumeries customers will be able to return empty packaging for cosmetics purchased at Sephora for recycling.

Make-up, care, fragrances - in each of these categories, we are committed to doing everything we can to meet your needs. We want to lead you through the world of beauty in a fully transparent manner.

With our new GOOD FOR * project, we reveal Good for you products to you. Good for a better planet. Good for vegan. Good for recycling.

Each day brings new initiatives - initiatives such as the development of our recycling program.
We are expanding the recycling of fragrances bottles in France to other European countries and we include plastic and glass packaging for care cosmetics.
Some make-up packaging is now also gaining a second life.

We are aware that this is just the beginning, but we also know that each step matters to our planet. We are at the stage of transformation, but we believe that we will go much, much further with you.


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