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С 27/11
Lots of attractions await the youngest during Christmas workshops in our Shopping Centre. This Saturday, November 27th, it will be possible to create a short Christmas animated film under the supervision of instructors, as well as prepare colourful and aromatic decorations that will bring a Christmas atmosphere to the home. Free entrance! We invite you from 10:00 to 17:00!


How to please grandparents or other relatives who live far away? A Christmas animated film can be a good idea, which we will later send via our close e-mail or internet messenger. During the pre-Christmas workshops in our Shopping Centre, the youngest will learn the technique of stop-motion animation, and then, under the supervision of the instructors, they will create a film script, make charts that will be the background of the scenes and finally direct the photos! You will be able to let your imagination run wild and move into the world of fairy tales. The animated film that will be created during the workshop will be immediately available for viewing on the big screen and sending the downloaded file on the occasion of Christmas to a loved one!


There are also many ideas for Christmas decorations waiting for the workshop participants. Lovers of the Scandinavian style will find something for themselves, who will use natural materials available on the spot - straw and coloured strings - to create eco-decorations in the shape of snowflakes, stars and angels. It will also be possible to make natural decorations made of oranges and limes, which, when decorated with cloves or anise, will exude a beautiful fragrance in home interiors. The workshop will also include decorative, aromatic pouches filled with spices and dried fruit and mini packs with Christmas teas.


Children who visit our shopping mall with their parents will be able to take part in art classes. During them, they will decorate polystyrene baubles and make Christmas cards based on Scandinavian patterns. Little artists will have at their disposal paints, sparkling sequins, beads and other decorations.

We invite you to come!