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С 20/05
The secrets of planting flowers and herbs, as well as weaving spring wreaths, will be learned by the participants of the workshops, to which we invite you on May 20th. The program of the event also includes an educational exhibition about pollinating insects and activities for children. Participants will be able to take home the planted plants, and as a gift they will also receive a bag of seeds of the April meadow. Participation in the event is free.

Spring flowers-scented workshops are a great opportunity to explore the secrets of gardening.

During workshops on planting flowers and herbs, participants will gain practical knowledge. They will plant different types of plants that you can take home after class to continue caring for. An interesting fact will also be flower meadows, which can be sown independently in a large pot. Such a balcony meadow not only looks impressive, but also naturally filters the air entering the apartment. Participants of the workshop will receive a gift bag with the seeds of a flower meadow.

You can also make natural decorations from colourful flowers. Such an unusual decoration and at the same time a beautiful gift are flower wreaths. On the occasion of the upcoming Mother's Day, the youngest will be able to make original and unconventional cards, decorations and gifts during art classes. Such gifts will surely please many parents.

The workshops will be accompanied by an exhibition on pollinating insects. Educational boards will explain many issues, including how to set up a bee-friendly place and what insect hotels are.

Spring workshops smelling of flowers will take place on May 20th from 10 am to 5 pm.

Free entrance.