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С 04/09 По 30/09
Learning a foreign language and science can be an exciting adventure! Children who will take part in free, regular workshops at the Auchan Gliwice Shopping Centre will find out about it. On subsequent Saturdays in September from 10:00 to at 18:00, the youngest will be able to take part in English and mathematics classes. Free entrance.

Are you looking for interesting activities for children that will allow them to develop in various areas? Do you want to see if your toddler is interested in the world of languages ​​or science? Auchan Gliwice Shopping Centre is starting a series of free workshops, during which pre-schoolers and students of the first grades of primary schools will be able to develop their interests and skills.
During the educational meetings, the young participants will receive activities filled with games, nursery rhymes and workshops, during which children will learn or repeat basic phrases in English.

During the classes, children will also be able to make friends with exact sciences. They will train memory, logical thinking and counting skills. Having fun together and solving tasks and puzzles will help the youngest learn to work in a group, as well as how to deal with nervousness. These skills will surely be useful to them in kindergarten and in the first grades of school.

The workshop will be conducted by ProfiLingua language school instructors who have many years of experience in working with children. Classes are intended for children aged 4 to 8.

Educational classes in English and mathematics will be held at the Auchan Gliwice Shopping Centre at Rybnicka 207 in Gliwice on the following Saturdays – September 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th from 10:00 to 18:00. Participation in the class is free.